Let's go skiing

Come skiing: winter snow holiday without a doubt the most enjoyable part of Turkey ... And quite lucky in that respect. It hosts many ski resorts that offer different features from each other. Uludağ, Kartalkaya, Erciyes, Palandöken… And these ski resorts are popular with tourists with their facilities, tracks, services, gourmet meals and nightlife…


Suitable for all levels
Erzurum, Palandöken is one of the ski resorts in recent years. Dadaş land, Erzurum's Palandöken mountains, is popular with tourists with its ease of transportation, runways illuminated in the dark and appealing to different levels. There are multiple reasons to choose Palandöken. But its location provides great convenience especially for two or three days snow getaway. After an hour and 40 minutes flight from centers such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, you arrive at the ski center in about 15 minutes. First of all, it is useful to talk about the ski slopes of Erzurum for those who have not gone before. Palandöken, which has tracks that appeal to ski lovers of all levels, has been declared as one of the important centers of winter tourism since 1993. Because in 2011, a center that has proven its worth by hosting the World Universities Winter Games is in question. The New York Times newspaper ranked Palandöken 18th on the list of the best ski resorts in the world. It has seven easy, eight intermediate and two difficult tracks with the capacity to serve 12 thousand people. Besides all these, it also has four natural tracks. The longest track of the center is 12 km. Nowadays, as in all of Europe, there is a snow problem developing due to global warming. But this problem was solved with snow machines. All necessary measures have been taken for skiing. In fact, k1 Ski League competitions, which were watched all over the world and broadcast by sports channels, took place here last week. The season is long in Palandoken. It starts as of November and continues until mid-May. The ski center, which is about 3 thousand meters above sea level, snows two or three meters under normal winter conditions.

It is possible to slip after dark in Palandoken. Because the tracks are illuminated. There are 10 ski lifts, a teleski, two baby lifts and a gondola service. Ejder Tepesi, one of the highest points with the gondola lift, is reached. The number of hotels in Erzurum has increased recently. Moreover, there is no limit to the services provided by the facilities. Here you can enjoy the spa and have a good meal. The little ones are not forgotten either. There are also activities such as separate sled track and mini curling for children. Meanwhile, sleds are an activity for adults as well as children. Also mountaineering, paintball, snowtube it is also possible. In Palandöken, which is also described as the crystal snow center, you will understand that there are no options for ski lovers only.

ERCİYES (Kayseri)

Continues to improve
Erciyes, connected to Kayseri, is the highest mountain in Central Anatolia with its peak reaching 3916 meters. With the Erciyes Master Plan of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Erciyes, which has become a ski center in the Alps in recent years, is the most important tourism treasure of the city in terms of winter tourism. Erciyes Winter and Tourism Center offers the opportunity to ski about 7 thousand people a day. The ski center, which is a few tracks a few years ago, is improving day by day and is becoming more and more popular in Europe. Erciyes has safe tracks for skiing when the snow is not missing in winter. This place is also ideal for snowboarders. Erciyes, famous for its soft snow, has three baby lifts, three teleskies and eight lifts, two of which are emeralds. It is also easy to access. You are at the ski center 30 minutes after arriving at Kayseri Airport.


Before powder snow, then wet snow
The season lasts until April in Kartalkaya, on the Köroğlu Mountains, within the borders of Bolu. Currently, the thickness of snow on the tracks reaches 120 centimeters with artificial snow. The ski center, which has suitable conditions for alpine skiing, is very popular among snowboarders thanks to its off-piste facilities. Real ski and snowboard lovers prefer this place because there is not a very lively night life. The ski area is at an altitude of 1850-2200 meters. The center also has a total of 11 mechanical systems, two chair lifts, six teleskies and three baby lifts. Ski, sled and snowboard rental services are also provided in Kartalkaya. Five hotels with a height of 2 thousand meters are ideal for relaxation. You can jump into the famous Kartalkaya from Istanbul and Ankara to your car in hours, with delicious dishes from Bolulu masters, whose fascinating wife and reputation exceed the limits. Since the Bolu Tunnel was opened, transportation is easier and faster than Istanbul. Do not forget to enjoy the view decorated with pine trees.

ULUDAĞ (Bursa)

Easy to access
Uludağ, one of Turkey's most important ski centers. The center, which was flooded by families especially during the semester, hosts many festivals throughout the season. The second address of ski and snow enthusiasts, Uludag has 15 mechanical systems, including 2543 chair lifts and seven teleskies in the hotels region. The center is as famous for its colorful night life as the mountain slopes with a height of XNUMX meters. In addition to Pendik-Yalova and Yenikapı-Yalova ferry services, the presence of Yenikapı-Mudanya ferry has made transportation from Istanbul extremely easy. You can ski in Uludağ and enjoy the sled and snowmobile. There are many activities to do here besides skiing. You can sit at the beginning of the feast, watch the skiers sipping your coffee or rest your soul in the spa of the hotels. For dining, you can choose cafes and terraces in the first district. The restaurants of the hotels are also very ambitious. The sausage-bread is famous here. The night continues at the entertainment clubs.

Runways ready in Kartalkaya

Providing service with a luxury boutique mountain hotel concept, Kaya Palazzo Ski & Mountain Resort promises an unforgettable winter holiday to ski and snowboard lovers with its special architecture and service quality. facilities located in Kartalkaya, 1.5 million square meters with the runway area, first used Leitner brand in Turkey ahead protected lifts, 11 slopes of different degrees of difficulty, seven lifts and guests directly to the very different with architecture that enables access to the ski lifts. In the meantime, snow depths exceeded 100 cm with snow machines that started operating last year on the tracks of Kaya Palazzo and Dorukkaya tracks.

Renaissance Polat Erzurum renewed

Located at the foot of the Palandöken Mountains in Erzurum, just two hours away from Istanbul, Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel promises a privileged ski experience to its guests with the renovation works performed last year. In addition to the sports club and night club, the hotel has a chairlift system at the front, quadruple lifts and a modern 500 square meter ski room where everyone has a private heated wardrobe. Offering uninterrupted skiing pleasure thanks to the artificial snow system, Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel provided night skiing services with the lights placed on the slopes and also prepared a playground for children.

Hopeful from Ommer 2016

Ommer Hotel, one of the leading hotels in Kayseri, consists of 190 rooms. Offering home comfort for long-term stays, the hotel includes a Joie Club fitness and spa center, hammams and an Olympic swimming pool. interiors designed by leading architect of Turkey attracts attention with its warm atmosphere.

Skiers' address: Radisson Blu Hotel Kayseri

RadIsson Blu Hotel Kayseri has prepared a special package for 2016 so that everyone can ski. The package includes one night accommodation, breakfast buffet, transfer to Mount Erciyes and unlimited ski pass. The hotel is 25 km from Erciyes ski center and has 244 rooms and suites. The hotel also has a City Club Spa and Fitness Center.