The priority of foreign tourists on ski slopes in France

An interesting application was initiated in winter tourism in France: foreign tourists who prioritize ski slopes in France.

The local people going to the ski resorts were asked to give priority to tourists from abroad. When the temperature in Europe is above the seasonal norms, operators who can only open half of the ski slopes, want to give priority to the tourists coming from abroad from the local people.

Female Native Tourist: kar I find this decision absurd. It's like saying to the tourists that the hotel rooms on the Champs-Elysées on the Avenue of Christmas are left to the tourists inde ''

Male Native Tourist: ese There is enough room for everyone. Yes, real skiers from abroad are moving faster, but local tourists are fine. There is no problem.''

Male Foreign Tourist: Erkek I like this. Local tourists can always move here. We do not have such an opportunity. ''

Although some local visitors are not satisfied with this request, many citizens understand the situation. Tourists from abroad are also pleased to give priority to them Yurt

Male Native Tourist: '' Yes, here is the livelihood of the people of the region ski tourism. I think that making such a request doesn't hurt anyone. ''

Male Native Tourist: ay I can ski for four to five months. However, the tourists coming here have only a week. Let them prioritize. ''

Ski resort operators do not make any pressure or control about this interesting request. Last year, France was the country that attracted the highest number of visitors from abroad for ski tourism.