EXPO will also catch the tram

The tram will also catch up in EXPO: The 2016th Ordinary Council Meeting of EXPO 13 Antalya Agency was held under the chairmanship of the Antalya Governor and the Deputy Chairman of the EXPO 2016 Antalya Board of Directors Muammer Türker. In the council, the members of the council were informed about the construction works, country participation and promotional activities in the EXPO 2016 exhibition area.

Governor Türker pointed out that the construction works have a completion rate of up to 90 percent and said, “When the developments are like this, it saddens us to hear the criticisms 'will EXPO come in time'”. Referring to the rail system line, Governor Türker said, “I received the information from the Ministry of Transport that the infrastructure of this project will be developed as long as there is no extraordinary situation. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which will make the infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport, will bring their towing vehicles and Antalya will have gained the rail system thanks to EXPO ”.

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