World Bank shows Izmir as an example

The World Bank gave an example to İzmir: The World Bank demonstrated its vision of creating a competitive city and the financing strategies implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as a model model for Tunisia. Tunisian technocrats came to the city and received detailed information about the applications of the Metropolitan Municipality. Guest Committee Chairman Faycal Kazez said that he was impressed by the practices in Izmir and would take a sample in their country.

The financing strategies implemented by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality attracted the attention of the World Bank. A delegation of Tunisian government technocrats visited Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the example of the World Bank. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General in Pervin Senel talks between the delegations of young presidency, the role of Izmir between municipalities in Turkey, the applied current funding models and strategies, was admitted to a competitive city vision of creating a table. The Tunisian delegation was informed about the methods and institutional profile of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the establishment of a transparent, stable, cautious and strong financial structure.

Finance comes to e trust Finans

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's large-scale projects with long-term, inexpensive rates, guaranteed without guarantee and unsecured financing at the meeting, if trust occurs, banks, international finance institutions and development agencies can be provided with the necessary financing was underlined. The importance of maintaining Güven investment grade yapılabilir credit rating from international credit rating agencies was also mentioned. The Tunisian delegation was also informed about the transparent, accountable financial structure and financing model implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Accountable financial structure

The Tunisian delegation said that the Tunisian delegation was very impressed by the practices in Izmir. Ş We made very efficient meetings with the Tunisian technocrats and the relevant teams of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the areas of financing practices and strategic planning. These practices will be an example for the formation of local governments in Tunisia, Tunus he said.

Pervin Şenel Genç, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that the issues discussed in the meeting were concentrated on the financing models applied in the major infrastructure projects planned and implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality and the accountable financial structure created.

Izmir will benefit from the example

Faycal Kazez, Director of the General Directorate of Local Governments of Tunisian Ministry of Interior Affairs and Head of the Tunisian Technocrats' delegation, stated that they appreciated the importance given to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's financing strategies and local government practices and that they care very much. Kazez stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will benefit from the knowledge, experience and experience in the legal arrangements to be made in Tunisia together with the World Bank on the local authorities, and that Izmir is an important city in the Mediterranean and they are very impressed with the practices they have examined on the spot.

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