DTD Railway Managers and Executive Candidates Continue Training

DTD Railway Managers and executives Candidates Continues to Education: Railway Transport Industry's only non-governmental organization, the Rail Freight Association (DTD) subject as held for the first time in Turkey "Railway Managers and executives Candidates on Education" continues.

With the entry into force of the Laws and Regulations on the Liberalization of Railway Transport, a new training program has been organized regarding the changes that will occur in the sector.

Which will take place in Istanbul in December 28 2015 "Liberalization of Railway Transport of about 6461 Law No. Regulations published under the Law and the liberalization of Turkey's newly Railway Construction" contains issues.

Education date: 28 December 2015 Monday

Subjects of education;

· Laws and Regulations on Liberalization of Railway Transportation and the new structure of Railway Transportation

· Safety Management System and Components in Railway Sector

· Certification of the Institutions Responsible for Maintenance of Railway Vehicles (ECM)


In the seminar programs, participants will have the opportunity to create and develop their personal relations with the experts of the sector while gaining cognitive gains at the conceptual and functional level of the components constituting the railway.

Participants in the training will be given a "Participation Certificate".

DTD Training - Training Date 28.12.2015

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