20 billion on the railway market gate

20 billion market gate on railway: According to railway transporters, 2023 bin wagons and 115 bin locomotives will be needed until 2.

According to the report prepared by the Railway Transport Association (DTD), if the target of increasing the share of the railway in 15 with the need to regenerate the railway and locomotive park is reached to 2023, 115 will need more than 1000 cars and 2 thousand new locomotives will be needed until 56. Chairman of the DTD Özcan Salkaya stated that the 83 of the existing wagons and the 20 of the outline locomotives fill their technical ages and demanded the extension of the import ban to be met with domestic production. According to the calculations made by the WORLD, the size of the market that will be formed in the production of wagons, together with the technical necessity and the need for new generation, is at XNUMX billion pounds at today's prices.


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