Three-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project Deferment requests for survey, project and engineering tender are received

AYGM Three-Storey Greater Istanbul Tunnel Project Deferment requests for survey, project and engineering tender are received

New developments related to the tender of Kat 3 Multi-Storeyed Istanbul Tunnel Project Surveying, Design and Engineering Services yeni which will be realized by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM).
Investments MagazineAccording to the information; AYGM, pre-election deadline date 14 December 2015 announced the announcement of the tender for related companies are receiving deferral requests.
The officials we interviewed at this stage noted that evaluations on the subject were being continued.
The documents can be obtained at the following address during the working hours for 200 TL.
Emek Hakkı Turayliç No: 5
06338 Labor Cankaya / Ankara
Tel: 0312 203 16 37

Information About Bidding

The tender, the large Istanbul Tunnel with 3 floors, as well as the alternative route surveys for both high-speed subway and road sections, and the determination and location of the structures required for both the construction works and the other structures to be needed during the operation period, will be determined. preparation of ground surveys on land, sea and estuary transition for the development of preliminary projects, preparation of bathymetric measurements along the Bosphorus crossing, preparation of sea maps, rapid subway stations and warehouse area in the land area and geodetic measurements of main shaft and transmission structures and road junction intersections. determination of electromechanical systems, construction and operation cost estimation, financial and economic feasibility studies, development pl The preparation of the preparation files, the preparation of the tender files in accordance with the Law of Borders. After the completion of the survey and project works, the BID model construction process will be started.
As it is known, Project Introduction File (PTD) prepared for the project in the past months was presented to the MoEU. The Ministry evaluated the report, evaluated and decided that the EIA is not required.
Reference: Investments 1258 / 16 November 2015 (AP)

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