Coruma Ski Center request

Çoruma Ski Center demand: Osmancık Culture Tourism Association President Sakin Karakas stated that the conditions for the establishment of a ski resort in Çorum.

Stating that Uludağ is the pioneer in winter tourism, Sakin Karakaş said: “When winter tourism is mentioned, Uludağ comes to mind almost everyone. After. Kartalkaya, Ilgaz, Kartepe, Erciyes, Palandöken, Davraz Mountain and others are listed. Therefore, there is an established ski tourism culture in our country and Bursa, Kastamonu, Bolu, Erzurum, Kayseri and Isparta benefit from the existing cake. There are all conditions for Çorum to take a share of this cake. Ski tourism 1600 meters and peaks on the summit of the 2100 meters with a peak of Kös mountain or 1850 meters, which is quite suitable for this job. Therefore, it is possible to invest in one of these summits by making serious incentives or by opening the front of the business with the special administrative channel. It is clearly known that the summit of the Kös mountain is suitable for ski tourism in the five months of the year. We think that Kös Mountain summit is 100-12 km to D15 highway and Kös Dağı ski center which is in the symmetry of Ilgaz mountains will be an important alternative. In case of opening Kös Mountain to winter tourism, this situation will contribute to the promotion of Çorum and it will be important for the development of Kargı district which is famous for its plateaus. In essence, there are all conditions for the establishment of a ski resort in Çorum. Although it is necessary to establish a ski center in Çorum geography located in the west of the Black Sea and East Anatolia region, it is an important issue to be taken on the urgent agenda of Çorum. Button must be pressed to spend more time resulting from Corum Turkey has an important place in the winter ski tourism concept tourism should be shared to share in the pie. In this context, the venerable deputies Salim Uslu, Ahmet Sami Ceylan, Lütfiye İlksen Corum Ceritoğlu leadership Kose Mountain ski resort after taking its place on the agenda of Corum in 2016 be able to establish the agenda in Turkey, "he said.

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