In China three-story underground train station is in service

China's three-story underground railway station in service: a huge underground train station in China with the size of the 21 football field

Asia's largest underground railway station was opened in the city of Shincon in Guangdong province, south of China.

After New York, Futian High Speed ​​Train Station, which is the second largest underground station in the world, is built on a total area of ​​21 thousand square meters which corresponds to the 147 football field.

The three-story railway station will be able to serve 3 thousand passengers at the same time. The station, where many train lines meet, will serve the passengers between Guangxi and Guangdong city, Guangxi. When the line is connected to Hong Kong in 2018, it will be easy to reach Guangcou by train from 30 in minutes and by Xincun in 15 minutes.

China, which continues its huge investments in high-speed train lines, aims to reduce the 3 hourly distance to 9 by train by connecting Hong Kong to the capital city Beijing via this line.

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