BURULAŞ will carry passengers to İnegöl

BURULAŞ will carry passengers to İnegöl: BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy met with the Chairman of İnegöl Chamber of Drivers Bahattin Korkmaz at the office of Mayor Alinur Aktaş, the chairmen of the cooperative. Aktaş said, “With the new law, our İnegöl became one of the central districts of the Metropolitan. The authorities and responsibilities related to transportation are also under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality. Our people have a desire to benefit from the blessings of the Metropolitan. With the BURULAŞ team, the Carriers Cooperative No. 2432 held three separate meetings. There are tradesmen in İnegöl who have devoted their years to this business, but there is a population of 242 thousand. Therefore, we considered both the tradesman dimension and the citizen dimension of the business. As of January 1, yellow buses will start the service ”.

Levent Fidansoy, General Manager of BURULAŞ said, F The work on adapting the Kentkart system used for urban transportation in İnegöl to Bursbine continues. Different businesses within İnegöl will be gathered under the same roof. Yenice and Cerrah neighborhoods in İnegöl. In the near future, the cards will be transformed into Bursbine. Lines were organized considering the needs of the people. This application will be realized by the beginning of January in 2016 ı.

Fidansoy also talked about the prices, enc Inegol Bursa Bursa, 6.5 TL, students will be charged 4.5 TL. Passengers who go to Bursa from İnegöl with yellow buses will be able to add 6.5 TL over 1.1 TL to the end of Bursa. You can go to the end of Bursa from Inegol to 7.6 TL. Students can go to the end of Bursa to 5.2 TL Bursa.
Fidansoy, Bursbaş point of sale will be at the district terminal reported.

Bahattin Korkmaz, President of İnegöl Chamber of Drivers said: Good, auspicious. Hayır

Following the speeches, a protocol was signed between the parties regarding the commencement of the yellow buses between İnegöl and Bursa.

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