The solution of the transportation problem in Bursa is the rail system

The solution to the transportation problem in Bursa is the rail system: Contrary to some bureaucrats, there are of course those who do not appear in the middle but do a lot of work in the background.

One of these names is Taha Aydın. The most efficient person in charge of the rail transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality.

President Recep which Altepe'nin consultants Aydin, short name UNIFEM to the International Railway Industry Association is the only member of the Rayder also in Turkey (Rail Association Transportation Systems and Industry), Chairman of the Board at the same time.

We remember that President Recep Altepe, Bursaray, the city into the city after the decision to bring the so-called Silkworm tram, the most important task fell to Taha Aydin.

In the period when many people who didn't know Bilen brought criticism, it was seen that Taha Aydın's idea that public transportation should be made by rail systems was correct after years.

One of Altepe 's right - wing Taha Aydın was the guest of AS TV yesterday. He talked about the rail and rail - free transportation systems around the world.

For example, a significant part of the surveyed respondents up to 83, considered to be the most important problem of the city.

For this reason, the Metropolitan Municipality has taken a series of measures to relieve urban traffic, he said.

Again, some of these measures are intersection arrangements.

For example, relief was provided when Demirtaş junction, Bademli junction and BUTTİM junction, which had locked the traffic for several minutes, had a bridge junction.

Of course, in a fast-growing city these intersections are not enough.

As a matter of fact, the eastern and western parts of the junction were shut down yesterday and the traffic lights were canceled and the traffic was flowing through the direction of Bursa to Mudanya. But this is a temporary solution.

However, the main solution, as Taha Aydın said, is in the rail system.But there are many public transportation stations in the city.

But not only the municipal decision, but also a strong political will.

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