Bombardier is waiting for the train tender in Turkey

Bombardier is waiting for the train tender in Turkey: Bombardier's Senior Manager Trogir, "Turkey is one of the most important rail markets in the world. The government's $ 2023 billion investment commitment by 45 adds to this importance. We want to produce a strong partner to high-speed trains in Turkey.

the world's largest railway company Canadian-based Bombardier high speed trains in Turkey, focused on the metro and tram tender. The company's top manager (CEO), Laurent Trogir, Turkey is one of the world's most important rail market. We want a strong partner to produce high-speed train in Turkey? said.

Trogir, the company's central office in Berlin in Europe, said in a statement to reporters, Bombardier's light rail 1986 in Turkey since 111, he noted deliver 88 trams and 248 metro vehicles.

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Eskisehir, Adana and Bursa's public transportation Bombardier's remarkable that play an important role in Trogir, Middle East and Europe that combines Turkey, one of the world's most important rail market. The modernization process is very fast walks and until 2023 the government $ 45 billion transport investment commitment, Turkey is making more importantly, he said. Laurent Troger reminded that until 2023, 6 thousand 792 kilometers of high-speed trains and 4 thousand 707 kilometers of new conventional lines were planned.

We have the largest railroad company in the world to highlight the product portfolio Trogir, Turkey certainly hope to be a key player in the railway sector. High-speed train hit our strong performer in the area and increasing our cooperation with the domestic industry would like to convert and become a technology-oriented market innovative Turkey? used expressions.

Trogir, an innovative technology to the Turkish partners and customers, and depth of winning a major contract in Turkey pointed out that allows them to make a transfer of information.

The fact that the 51 domestic production requirement will be included in the high-speed train tenders and that they will fully comply with this, Troger said. Troger, said:

Turkey currently available to our local employees. However, if we win one of the high-speed train tenders, we will surely have more Turkish employees. At this point, we attach great importance to quality. We are committed to comprehensive training in an exciting and technology-centric industry.

Trogir, a strong partner in Turkey, he said no doubt that they will have no place in production and maintenance in Turkey.

Bombardier's first metro system, which is built the Ankara metro in Turkey, high-tech in Istanbul 55 tram millions that collect user if the teller Laurent Trogir, that the signatures of at Izmir's prestigious light rail companies and the demands and plans for the expansion of this project He expressed that he is present. Troger said it is planned to add 2018 kilometers to Istanbul alone and 118 kilometers as of 2023.

Bombardier, 38 thousand employees worldwide and still operating in the 100 more than a thousand railway vehicles with the feature of being one of the largest companies in the sector.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:36

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  1. In this tender, it is vitally important for our country that some of the train sets contain diesel locomotive sets containing diesel and electric motors. Because, in case of such sets, our citizens in these provinces will meet with the speed of high-speed train and the transfer in the railways will be included in the history with small rehebilitations on the roads that are still passing by railway but which are not on the fast rail status. In addition, connections between cities such as Sofia, Athens, Thessaloniki, Tbilisi and Baku, which are important foreign countries for our country, will be provided in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir and YHT comfort. In addition, a railway-maritime connection could be established between Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and the TRNC as an alternative to the airline.