Bombardier and Alstom Firms Selected for Signalization in Barcelona Suburb

Bombardier and Alstom Companies Selected for Barcelona Suburb Signaling: A new agreement worth 87,9 million Euros was signed between ADIF, the institution responsible for railway construction in Spain, and the consortium established with the partnership of Bombardier and Alstom companies. According to the agreement, the companies will undertake the signaling and maintenance works of the Barcelona suburb. The companies will do this on the 56 km long line between L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and Mataro.

The agreement envisions the completion of 54 million euros, the installation of new electrical systems, train protection and power supply systems and repair of mobile communication networks in the 21 month. The remaining 34 million euro was signed for the 20 annual maintenance of the new systems to be installed.

After the end of the agreement with the agreement signed by ADIF said the line will be much safer.

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