My dear tram

My dear tram: It was planned in 1869, it started operating in 1871, it was switched from equestrian to electric in 1914, but it always carried Istanbulites.

As a result of the concession given to Konstantin Karapano Efendi, a horse-drawn tram would be operated from Istanbul to Galata to Ortaköy, from Eminönü to Aksaray and also from Aksaray to Topkapı and Yedikule. Upon the adoption of the proposal, he was given a concession on 20 August 1869. On August 30, 1869, he was contracted with Karapano Efendi.

Here are some things in the order:

1- The company will be named as “Istanbul Tram Company”.

2- The headquarters and residence of the company is Istanbul.

3- The concession period of the company is 40 since the year of the decree.

4- The administration of the company fulfills a parliament consisting of 6 members.

5 - Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly, the duty cycle is three years. One third of the members are renewed every year. One can be re-elected.

6 - Each of the executive councils shall deliver the 15 share to the company's fund within 100 days and from the date of election, and shall not be able to commence the duty of not performing this operation.

7- The board of directors shall meet when needed. These meetings should be at least twice a month.

In 1871, the company started shipping on four even as a tram. These lines were Azapkapı-Galata, Aksaray-Yedikule, Aksaray-Topkapı and Eminönü-Aksaray and moved to 4,5 million people in the first year. The tram network 2 was rendered electrified by catamaran wire on February 1914.

Istanbul's first electric tram lines were:

No Lines

10 Tunnel-Sisli

11 Tunnel-Tatavla

12 Fatih-Harbiye

14 Tunnel-Macka

15 Taksim-Sirkeci

22 Eminonu-Baby

23 Aksaray-Ortakoy

32 Eminonu-Topkapi

33 Eminonu-Yedikule

34 Besiktas-Fatih

35 Topkapı-Beyazıt

36 Yedikule-Beyazit

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