President Ugur, attraction center of Balıkesir

📩 29/11/2018 20:36

President Ugur, Balikesir investor's attraction center: Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Edip Ugur, the geographical location of the production and consumption points in the center of the center, this potential attracts the attention of investors, he said.

Balıkesir, Marmara and Aegean regions to the proximity of an important point as occurs at the center of the highway that takes place Ugur underlined that "Balıkesir, is located in the very center of production and consumption in Turkey. Located in the Mugla region Istanbul- line 75 percent of the tax collected in Turkey. Balıkesir is at the same distance from these two points. Highways, high speed trains, Çanakkale Bridge etc. investments are increasing the importance of Balıkesir. Balıkesir is a rich province. Agriculture, thermal, Goose Mountains, 300 km coastline, what you think of tourism in Balıkesir. Gold mine, boron mine, iron, chrome, zinc, etc. they are all here. This potential attracts the attention of investors. Bu Balıkesir is an important feature of attracting investors to become a logistics center stating that Ugur, BALO Project produced in Anatolia through the port of Balıkesir-Bandırma Tekirdağ and Europe will be exported said.

Uğur pointed out that transportation to Balıkesir became easier with transportation investments. An important logistics center will be the import-export point. We want to make a nice harbor there. Within the scope of BALO Project; All the exports to be made from Anatolia will go to Balıkesir Logistics Village - Bandırma and then to Europe via Tekirdağ. The future of Balıkesir looks beautiful. Demands have started to increase. Hopefully we will achieve this together. In addition to the airport you have landed in Balıkesir, 480 land area was expropriated in the center. After our last meeting with the Minister of Transportation, we attempted to build a terminal there. Ulaştırma

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