President Kocamaz examines the monorail system in China

President Kocamaz examines the Monorail System in China: The Mayor of Mersin, Burhanettin Kocamaz, traveled to China with his delegation to examine the monorail system he was planning to implement in Mersin.

President Kocamaz, the 'prestige project', which he called the monorail system, in Chongqing, China, with a delegation, received information from the authorities. 202 85 32 km with a monorail line 2008 million people in Chongqing city, which has been serving since the XNUMX technical inspections and other rail systems in the monorail line, working in China, China, China toured the facilities. In addition to technical trips, President Kocamaz met with Deputy Mayor of Chongqing, CNR company and officials from China Foreign Trade Department.

Ay We visited the monorail and other rail systems in Chongqing, China, and conducted a survey on the monorail project, one of the most important projects we planned to implement in Mersin, and received information about the monorail system. We also visited the facilities that produce wagons, we saw the technical details of the system and how it works. V

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