Bahçeşehire subway lottery

Bahçeşehire metro lottery: The metro plan connecting Bahçeşehir - Ispartakule region to Mecidiyeköy was approved. This move will save the residents of the region from heavy traffic. The metro line will be reflected in the projects as a premium.

As the new settlement center of the city, the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line plan, which will be connected to the Bahçeşehir-Ispartakule line, has been approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The approval of the line is most likely to benefit real estate companies and their landlords in Bahçeşehir-Ispartakule region. After the finalization of the metron, a new influx of buyers started.
Hence, housing prices are expected to increase by 20, while current structures are expected to increase their value. The 23 housing project, which is being completed and under construction, is taking place in the region.

In the announcement of the Ministry, ”According to EIA Regulation, Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir-Esenyurt Metro line project has been decided by our governor's Metro Environmental Impact Assessment is Not Necessary gere.

In the name of planned urbanization, especially the real estate used by Housing REIT and TOKI, the area is shaped by empty land and now there are thousands of housing projects of many companies.

The only problem was reached
The sales prices of square meters starting from the 1000-1500 liras in the valued region have reached up to 3 thousand liras in a short time. Currently, sales prices of square meters approaching 5 thousand liras are expected to be re-climbed by a clear metro operation. The biggest problem in the newly established city is the transportation. TSKB Appraisal Expert Zeynep Sinem Konca will be at Mahmutbey on the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey subway line. Halkalı-In the last metro project of 2019, Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir metro line will be completed and the journey time between two districts will be reduced to 19 minutes.

Konca said, 'With these two lines to be integrated, it will be possible to reach Mecidiyeköy from Ispartakule in minutes.

In addition, Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey and Halkalı-Bahçeşehir Metro Line works will be completed and will be connected to Marmaray. -B

Mega projects
Konac said that they have learned that they planned to increase the rates of 15-20 in housing sales prices as soon as the auctions are made in the negotiations with the sales offices of the said projects and that the metro line will be connected to many regions and important routes.

The region is also on the crossing line of many planned and planned transportation projects. Therefore, the star shining region, Kanal Istanbul, North Marmara Motorway, 3. It was on the agenda with its proximity to the areas such as the airport.

9 station planned
Mahmutbey - Bahçeşehir - Esenyurt metro project planned by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be 16.4 kilometers long. The line, which is planned to cost 2.2 billion liras, will consist of 9 stations. The stop of the project covering the Ispartakule region draws attention especially with its proximity to Bizim Evler and Avrupa Konutları projects.

Giants closed the region
Since 23, TOKI and Emlak Konut GYO started many projects through revenue sharing in the region, which is known to have 2006 completed and ongoing projects. Currently, there are 7 projects in the region under the brand of İhlas Yapı, Bizimevler; Artaş İnşaat conducts 3 projects under the Avrupa Konutları brand. In the region; Ağaoğlu (My Town Ispartakule), Emlak Konut GYO (Unikonut), Yeşil GYO (Innovia Ispartakule), Beyfen Yapı (Apricot Garden Houses), Hasanoğlu İnşaat (Banu Evleri), Emlak Konut GYO (1stanbul), Garanti Koza (Koza Evleri Ispartakule 1) -2), Cathay - Studio 24.

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