Azerbaijan to accelerate construction of North-South transport corridor

Azerbaijan will accelerate the construction of the North-South transport corridor: Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev instructed to accelerate the construction of the international transport corridor, the koridor North-South ev project, in Azerbaijan.

In line with the instructions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Azerbaijan Railways Authority were assigned to prepare a framework for the coordination of the railway network between Azerbaijan and Iran within the scope of the ın North-South İran transportation corridor and submit it to the President.

In addition, financing the financing of the bridge between Astara and the two countries will be discussed.

In addition, the railway from Astara station in Azerbaijan to the Iranian border and the bridge over the Astara River were transferred to the Azerbaijan Railways Authority.

The State Customs Committee and the State Border Service were instructed to establish customs and border infrastructure for the railway crossing.

The Cabinet was instructed to purchase the necessary land and to provide the necessary financing to the Ministry of Finance.

The project, which will provide ease of transportation between Russia and Iran-India, is expected to expand Azerbaijan's transit opportunities.

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