Artvinde Ski Pleasure

Skiing in Artvin: Atabarı Ski Center, which was built by the Artvin Governorship in 2009 on Mersivan Mountain, hosted many ski enthusiasts at the weekend.

The ski run, covered with approximately one meter of snow in Atabarı Ski Center, was corrected and hardened with a tracked snow vehicle by the Directorate of Youth and Sports Services upon the instruction of Kemal Cirit, the Governor of Artvin, and made it suitable for skiing.

Regional Directorate of Forestry teams from the city center about 16 kilometers away from the ski center by opening the road to the car traffic, ski lovers provided easy access to the region.

Atabarı Ski Center, located on Mersivan Mountain at an altitude of 2 thousand and 17 kilometers away from the city center, hosted ski lovers who take advantage of the sunny weather at the weekend.

In addition to the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, certified ski coaches in the region help those who want to learn skiing.

On the other hand, some citizens with their children enjoyed the sled sliding.

Young people who do not know how to ski from time to time in the dangers they experienced dumbbells slipped. Children who could not find Şambrel skied with nylon bags.

Stating that he is from Artvin and lives in Antalya due to his job, İbrahim Ocakçı said, “We came with my friends from Antalya to see my country, which stands out with its natural beauty, in winter, to breathe the oxygen of the forests and to enjoy the winter in the snow. "The region where the ski center is located really enchants people with its natural beauty."

Expressing that the quality of the snow in the ski center and the length of the track show how suitable this place is for skiing, Ocakçı said, “The insufficiency of qualified hotels and accommodation facilities for domestic and foreign tourists coming to the ski center should be eliminated as soon as possible by the authorities. I believe that the ski center, which is located in the region, which is a wonder of nature, will soon be flooded with accommodation facilities, ski and nature lovers ”.

They came from Batumi for skiing

Georgian Jana Nasradze, who came to the ski center from Batumi, Georgia with his Turkish wife, stated that there is a ski center in Batumi but they can reach the ski center in about 3,5 hours.

“We reached the ski center in Artvin from Batumi in about 2 hours. Snow fell early this year in Artvin. I am very lucky to see the ski center in its nature and forest covered with trees. This place is truly a natural wonder. In addition, the quality of the snow and the length of the track made us happy. We enjoyed nature and snow by skiing from morning till night. When we return to Georgia, we will recommend this place to all my friends. "

Stating that he has just started to learn skiing, Özay Morgül noted that skiing is a very fun sport with high adrenaline and said, “My aim is to learn to ski and to do it constantly. I think I can achieve this too. "I regret not coming to the ski center next to us until today, but from now on I will be one of the regulars of this place."

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:34

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