Antalya Tram Line Becomes a Disastrous Accident

Antalya Tram Line was a scene for a catastrophic accident.

Although it is forbidden in the Antalya East Garage area, the car entered the rail system line collided with the incoming rail system vehicle and suffered severe damage. It is not yet known whether the vehicle driver involved in the accident was injured or not.

Due to the incident, while the rail system expeditions, the tram that was involved in the accident took heavy damage.

It's always happening!
Although cars and other vehicles are prohibited from using the rail system line in Antalya, every time the vehicles violate this ban and invite accidents. There have been dozens of accidents involving the rail system and cars before.

Solution Heavy Penalties!
Such fatalities, which endanger people's lives, must be subject to severe penalties and high fines as well as driver's licenses. The sanctions to be applied in such cases will prevent such incidents.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:40

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