Two new ropeways are coming to Ankara

There are two new ropeways for Ankara: Melih Gökçek, Mayor of Ankara, gave the new 2 ropeway to the people of Ankara.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek gave the good news that the 2 cable car line between Kizilay-Dikimen and Etlik-Sihhiye will be built. President Gökçek, Kızılay-Dikimen and Etlik-Sıhhıye said that the 2 ropeway line was to be built, and that Keçiören Viaduct Project was being prepared.

Build-operate-transfer model 2 will do more than the new ropeway Gökcek, dev the first one; Dikmen-Kızılay cable car line. The cable car will pass through the Dikmen Valley, but also into Dikmen. Secondly, you know, a giant city hospital is being built in Aşağı Eğlence. We are thinking of a ropeway from Sönhiye to this hospital. I hope this will be our second ropeway and we will do it again with Build-Operate-Transfer eri.

Underlining the continuation of the work of Keçiören metro, Gökçek said that they have prepared a new project to connect Samsun Road to the viaducts that will relax Keçiören traffic. Gökçek, indicating that the project was prepared towards Sanatoryum Street, Gök I hope we will do the tender, um he said.

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