80 percent of Ankara YHT Station construction is completed

80 percent of Ankara YHT Station construction was completed: Limak Holding Chairman Özdemir said that we have completed 235 percent of Ankara YHT Station, which has a total of 80 million dollars.

Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir said that they have completed 235 percent of Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station (YHT), which cost a total of 80 million dollars.

Özdemir, at the introductory meeting of Ankara YHT Station, said the station, which they plan to open in May, is not only a transportation station; noted that they are planning as shopping, accommodation, meeting center and meeting point in the middle of the city.

Reminding that they received the Ankara YHT Station tender, which is a build-operate-transfer project, by offering Cengiz-Kolin-Limak in 2013 years and 19 months, Özdemir stated that they have completed 7 percent of the project, which cost a total of 235 million dollars.

Özdemir stated that they used 235 million dollars of their 170 million dollars investment as a 15-year loan from Denizbank and stated that they met the other part with their own resources.

Giving information that there will be 100-room hotel, 140 retail area and an indoor car park for 185 vehicles in the train station, which will be visited by approximately 2 thousand people per day, Özdemir said that high-speed train services to Ankara, Eskişehir Konya and Istanbul are currently being made, in 500, Bursa, İzmir and Sivas highlighted that high speed train connections will also be added.

Özdemir, in the following years, the Antalya, Adana, Erzincan and Kars connections were planned to be opened by pointing out, said:

"Turkey is currently in terms of high-speed railways line length, which is 213 thousand kilometers, leaving behind many countries in the world giant, sixth in Europe in the world, it is located in eighth place. In this sense, Ankara will be an important intersection point in terms of high-speed train travel. ”

  • “We will run the hotel, we can also consider renting a chain if there is a suitable offer”

Özdemir stated that Ankara YHT Station will be the new meeting point of the bureaucracy and business world, and said, "Leasable offices will also facilitate the business of business that frequently come to Ankara."

Özdemir emphasized that a business man from Istanbul can go to Ankara with a high-speed train after a few hours thanks to the meeting rooms of up to 4 thousand square meters, and that he can easily stay in a 140-room hotel with 4 rooms if the meetings spread over several days.

Özdemir pointed out that VIP and CIP lounges will be found at the garage and 25 stated that the participants will spend quality time thanks to their living area of ​​up to one thousand square meters.

After the meeting, answering questions from journalists Özdemir, offices, shops and eating-drinking places were carried out about the work was carried out.

Stating that they will fully furnish the hotel located in Ankara YHT Station, Özdemir said that they would operate the hotel, but they might consider renting a chain if a suitable offer was made, and that such negotiations with the chains continue.

Ozdemir, said that Ankara YHT Station train station is the most modern Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) also he said that he wondered how the applications.

Emphasizing that they will open the service before the mentioned period, Özdemir, 3 partner, underlined that they want to be ambitious in the train station tenders.

Özdemir said, "We have taken decisions regarding all these projects, including abroad, and we continue our efforts on this path."

  • “We got the loan from Denizbank for making the best offer”

Özdemir said that they presented the project to many banks, but Denizbank was very interested.

Özdemir stated that they received the entire loan of 170 million dollars from Denizbank for making the most suitable offer and expressed that the bank was very sensitive and supported them in terms of lending.

Ozdemir, 3. he said that they have already spent over 1 billion euros at the airport, but they have found this figure even less.

Explaining that their expenditures continue in the light of their budget planning, Özdemir underlined that no cost increase is visible at this time and that they will have opened the first stage by spending 6 billion euros.

Özdemir stated that an important station of the Ankara subway will be in contact with Ankara YHT Station and expect 3 million and 35-36 million passengers per year.

Emphasizing that TCDD will sell the tickets and they will not interfere with the revenues, Özdemir stated that security is very important for them by mentioning the terrorist incident in Ankara.

Ozdemir, the number of staff to work in the garage will be around 300 announced.

Nihat Özdemir said that he predicted that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality could make a bus terminal tender with the Public Private Sector Partnership model, if he sees how Ankara YHT Station works.

Cengiz Holding Chairman Mehmet Cengiz stated that there is nothing currently communicated to them about the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant to be built in Mersin, they are continuing their work and they do not think there will be any stopping.

  • The first tender was held in 2011

TCDD announced that it will first bid for the Ankara YHT Station on January 20, 2011, where the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is used for the first time on railways.

The tender was postponed to 22 February 2011 due to the reservations of the firms that bought the specifications that the subway planned to pass under the facility may cause trouble.

At this date, Limak Construction and (India based) GMR Infrastructure Joint Initiative and İÇTAŞ and Cengiz İnşaat Joint Venture submitted bids to the tender postponed to 2 March 2011 due to the demands of the companies. The tender for the project was later canceled.

TCDD then announced that the tender will be carried out at 17 July 2012 with the BOT model, but the tender was postponed to 28 August 2012 at the request of the companies that received the specification. The consortium of Limak Construction-Kolin Construction-Cengiz İnşaat gave the only bid for the tender.



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