Private security guard in Ankara Metro

Private security guard in Ankara Metro: Security, the person previously tried to pass the card claimed

Private security officers of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality beat a person who tried to pass the turnstile without printing a card in Kızılay Metro. The person who was attacked by the 6 security guard went to safety and complained.

According to the news of the Republic of Ankara, private security connected to the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, Kizilay Metro printed a person trying to cross the turnstile without printing cards. When the citizens reacted to this situation, there were incidents.

Yesterday morning 35 auto repairman Cihan Ömer Ağca at Kızılay Metro Station tried to cross the metro turnstiles without printing a card. The private security in the subway tried to stop. Agca insisted on passing, there was discussion. 6 private security guard started to beat Ağca.

While citizens were reacting to beating, Ağca was locked in a room by security. Ankaralılar, Ağca wanted to be removed from the room. On the reaction of the citizens, Ağca was released and released. Ağca, who went to the police headquarters in Çankaya, complained about the security. Ağca, who was taken to hospital, was examined and it was observed that one of her eyes was reddened due to a blow.

The security claims that Ağca was trying to pass without a card, and that the women were swearing at security.

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