The railroads of Germany are shaking the throne

In Germany, the throne of railways is shaken: In Germany, the number of passengers who prefer buses has reached a record level this year. Federal Bus Companies Association (bdo), 2015 in the year of the number of passengers traveling by bus 20 million announced.

This number, which was last year's 16 million, doubled every year. German bus companies, in the face of excess demand to go out of Germany in Europe also aims to open.

André Schwämmlein, CEO of Mein Fernbus Flixbus, told the German News Agency (DPA) that the end of market growth is not visible. Expressing that there are already opportunities in the market, Schwämmlein stressed that the next step is to find smart markets to connect small and medium-sized cities.

According to IGES, the market research institute in October, the number of intercity bus companies in Germany increased by 29 to 326y compared to the previous year. Despite the tough competition, ticket prices have increased slightly. Nevertheless, experts do not foresee excessive pricing.

In the long-haul transport line, bus companies could not compete with the German railway company Deutsche Bahn before 2012. After the Federal Government made it easier for bus companies three years ago, the market began to grow rapidly.

According to the mileage, Mein Fernbus holds the 73 of the Flixbus market, the 11 on the Postbus, the 6 on the Deutsche Bahn Berlin Linien Bus and the 3 on the IC Bus and the XNUMX on the Megabus.

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