Samsun Tram Line Accidents (Video)

Accidents in the Samsun Tram Line: Traffic accidents that occurred in the Light Rail System in Samsun were reflected in the security cameras.

Light rail system transportation, which is one of the safe and comfortable urban transportation vehicles, is developing day by day in Samsun. The majority of accidents that occur in the light rail system are caused by the absence or impatience of pedestrians and drivers.

Kadir Gürkan, General Manager of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Samulaş Anonim Şirketi, who stated that they are a team working with great devotion in order to prevent accidents that occurred in light rail system, said that despite this, the citizens behaved inattentive.

Gürkan said, “While carrying out daily urban passenger transportation with our light rail vehicles, there are problems with impatience, carelessness and haste especially in our 8-vehicle level crossings. The contact of our vehicles with trams can sometimes be encountered by pedestrian contact as a result of the carelessness of our passengers getting off at the station. Fortunately, we have not had a vehicle and pedestrian contact, resulting in loss of life. However, I also think that the attention and devotion of our operations center, security guards and vehicles, who are driving our vehicles, have also had a big impact. We want our citizens to listen and pay attention to the instructions of our duties at the level crossings, stations and pedestrian levels, and announcements made at the stations and vehicles. ”




    1. “Unused k…. frost would not stop .. ”The citizen has not seen the rail system, has not gotten used to it, so that he can fulfill his requirements. Warning signs are INCOMPLETE. Eg: "Beware IRON WHEELED VEHICLES HAVE ALWAYS THE ADVANTAGE OF TRANSITION!". Not only in us, but all over the world… There is no need for junk in the courts. Punishments and rigid attitude will be a lesson and will speed up the adjustment process! Otherwise, we cannot get anywhere with the "half pregnancy" style!