Abalı Ski Center re-opened

📩 24/11/2018 14:32

Abalı Ski Center was reopened: Repair works of Abalı Ski Center, one of the important tourism and sports centers of Eastern Anatolia, which were arsoned by PKK terrorists 4 months ago, started to welcome ski lovers.

Abali Ski Center, which was set on fire by the members of the terrorist organization PKK about 4 months ago, was put back into service after the repair works.

Abalı Ski Center, which is located on the foothills of Mount Artos, which is the important tourism and winter sports center of Eastern Anatolia, started to host ski lovers with repairs after the terrorist attack.

In August, intense work to complete the skiing season of the center, which was set on fire by terrorists, was completed. The first snow of the season covered the ground floor holidaymakers enjoyed skiing in the center. Every year, thousands of skiers welcomed the center and enjoyed the views of Lake Van.


Governor of Gevas Nedim Akmeşe told AA correspondent that the center was an important value for the region.

Akmeşe emphasized that the center increased the achievements of the youth in the region as well as the advantages added to the winter tourism by the city and added that:

“The opportunity in Abalı is not available in most places, but this opportunity was tried to be prevented by terrorist attacks. After the last attack, our Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports was put out to tender and the problems of our center are being resolved. We leave the center, which is an important value of our children, youth and local people, to be exposed to terrorist attacks, to the conscience and discretion of the public. We take all necessary measures. Hopefully our center will never be exposed to such attacks again. ”

“Abalı is a great value of our region and a boon for our youth. Thanks to this blessing, our youngsters break their shells and sign important achievements. ”Akmeşe said that the athletes living in Abalı village entered the Ski National Team and participated in the Austrian camp.

Akmeşe concluded his words as follows:

“Currently he is in Finland with the national team. These successes make us very happy. Some accommodation-oriented plans and projects are being prepared for the center in the coming years. I believe that Abalı will be one of the important ski resorts of the country in the coming years. Abalı is easy to reach compared to other centers, it has two different tracks, one of which is professional, different nature with its nature and landscape, but everyone has great duties to promote this place.

Especially, the press will include the Abalı Ski Center in the section related to the ski centers after the air bulletins. ”