EU Minister Bozkır, Samsun-Kalın Railway Project will be completed in 2017

📩 29/11/2018 20:46

EU Minister Bozkır, Samsun-Kalın Railway Project will be completed in 2017: The Minister of European Union (EU) and Chief Negotiator, Ambassador Volkan Bozkır, said that the Samsun-Kalın railway project will be completed in 2017.

Minister for EU Affairs (EU) and Chief Negotiator Ambassador Volkan Bozkır visited Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz. During the visit, Chairman Yılmaz informed Minister Bozkır about the development process of the city economy and the infrastructure works such as sports and tourism.

Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Ambassador Volkan Bozkır's meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Çağatay Kılıç, and the Chairman of Samsun Party, Muharrem Göksel were also present.

Expressing satisfaction with the visit of Minister Volkan Bozkır Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, Samsun, gave information about the economy. . We have two big organized industries. Logistics OSB and 2 are continuing their industrial investments with 5 organized industrial zone with the new OSB. In our two large plain, 250 can be irrigated in a thousand hectares of large agricultural production. Agriculture and agriculture-based industry also constitute the 27 of the urban economy. The share of industry is 23 in the gross national product and 52 in the services sector. We are trying to increase the share of tourism in the services sector. We are trying to be effective in tourism. Especially in tourism, we are trying to turn the Kızılırmak Delta Bird Paradise into a nature park, a tourism element. In addition, the health services sector in the last 10 year was very prominent. With the Youth and Sport Minister being in our city, Samsun is experiencing a great development in terms of infrastructure investments and sports tourism. Samsun is becoming a city where almost all sports can be done. Samsun

Due to our War of Independence, where it began in the heart of Samsun, Turkey every young citizen of the Republic of Turkey and pointed out that a special place in EU Minister Volkan Steppe, "We all have a different feeling about Samsun. We live in an environment in which the new elements that have served the citizens' feet and which have not been included in the concept of municipalism until today, are manifested in the sense of local governments. In this sense, we know that Samsun is an important city, we know. In terms of the EU Ministry, Samsun is a city we care about. We are in a desire and effort for our nation to use these opportunities and to transfer the EU facilities to our eminent province. Between 2002-2015, we have made a thousand 2013 projects to the EU and we have transferred 160 million euros here. Our national agency has allocated a source of 7 million euros to our brothers in Samsunlu. In terms of benefiting from EU projects, Samsun is very experienced. We will continue to support Samsun Samsun.

Volkan Bozkır, who also evaluated the Dialogue on Civil Society, organized by the Ministry for EU Affairs, said, k The purpose of our meeting today is to meet with non-governmental organizations. Civil society is a requirement of democracy. Today, Turkey has reached the largest civil society figures in the history of the Republic. We came to a point where 50 is a non-governmental organization. We will be delighted to meet with representatives of civil society organizations. We will get visionary views and criticism that will lead to us. We will give them information on EU projects, resources of the National Agency. My friends will come and work on the project. We will make an effort to make Samsun better. Samsun

The European Union (EU) funded with grant funds is Turkey's largest-scale project, the Samsun-thick Railway Line Modernization Project to the Minister also touched upon the steppe, "it's got more important projects in the Samsun-UnUdUr modernization thick rail. 285 million euro project. This is the largest project with a given in Turkey. The first ramification of the modernization work began in September. It will also come into service at 2017 X.

The infrastructure and superstructure standards of the Samsun-Kalin railway line constructed within the scope of Demirağlar project will be upgraded and a signaling system will be established. When the modernization works of the Samsun-Kalin railway line, which is reported to be the largest scale project funded by the European Union (EU) grant funds, will be restored and the 378 historical bridge will be restored and the 48 bridge and one thousand 30 culverts will be rebuilt.
After the speeches, the Minister of the Republic of Turkey Volkan Bozkır, who signed the memo of the visit of the municipality, was presented with a painting of the flood forests by the Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz.

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