TCDD 3. İZBAN Meeting was held in the area

TCDD 3. IZBAN Meeting was held in the area: The meeting about the traffic coordination and management of İZBAN trains was held at the General Directorate of İZBAN.

In the construction process will work in the final stage is reached when Cumaovası-line provision of Tepeköy İZBAN train traffic and business meetings concerning the coordination, was held at the General Directorate of İZBAN on 02.12.2015.

The General Manager of İZBAN Sebahattin Eriş and Deputy General Manager (Metro A.Ş. General Manager) Sönmez Alev, TCDD 3. Regional Director Murat Copper and his associates attended the traffic-signalization authorities.

At the meeting, which will work in close Cumaovası-Tepeköy İZBAN train line which will be launched shuttles of the future in a safe manner, what was an exchange of views on how to ensure coordination and the will to do so.

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