Governor Sahin, Samsun speed train project has made significant progress

Governor Şahin, we have come a long way in Samsun high-speed train project investment: Governor Şahin attended the meeting organized by the Samsun Platform, which was formed by bureaucrats from Samsun and headquartered in Ankara.

Making the opening speech of the meeting, Mehmet Taşan, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Samsun Platform, said, "The purpose of the platform they established in 2003 is to bring together bureaucrats from Samsun, to develop solidarity among them and to provide coordination in services to be delivered to Samsun." said.

Samsun Platform Executive Board Chairman Prof. Dr. In his speech at the meeting, Orhan Arslan said, “The Samsun Platform is an institution of friendship, an institution of love. We are a very serious family that loves each other and coexists on a faith. As Samsun residents in Ankara, we come together from time to time. Unfortunately, Samsun has not found the place it deserves until today. I hope we would like to witness positive developments in Samsun during this period under the leadership of our Governor, who has achieved successful services in places where he has served before. The power of us, who provides unity under the name of Samsun Platform, is actually a chance for Samsun. We wish you to benefit from us too. This formation is shown as an example to other provinces in Ankara. " said.

Providing information about the current structure of Samsun with the slideshows and especially the subjects that they focused on, Governor Ibrahim Sahin stated that veren Samsun is not only the city of trade, industry and agriculture but also the tourism level which is not known enough until now. Bird Paradise, located in the Kızılırmak delta, has very little natural wealth in the world. Bird Sanctuary, Governorate and Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the very strict protection, where the number of domestic and foreign tourists day by day has increased. Again, the development of the production of medical devices that will be engine power in Samsun, serious steps were taken in this regard. After I came to Samsun as the Governor, one of the subjects I insisted on is that we made significant progress in the Fast Train investment. After realizing this fast train project, the people of Samsun will go to Ankara within one or a half hours thanks to this service. Bu

After the speeches, Samsun Platform Executive Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Orhan Arslan presented flowers to Governor Şahin for his contributions and participation in the 'Samsun Platform'.

Later, Governor İbrahim Şahin and other guests who joined the 'Samsun Platform' listened to the beautiful Turkish Art and Turkish Folk Music works performed by the former soloists of the Samsun Choir of the Ministry of Culture and currently the artist of the Ministry of Culture Turkish World Music Ensemble Çiğdem Gürdal and her husband Cem Gürdal.

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