6. Atlas Logistics Awards Winners

  1. Atlas Logistics Awards Have Their Owners: 6 this year simultaneously with LOGITRANS Fair. The Atlas Logistics Awards Competition was held. Applicants who fought to get the Golden Atlas. This year, as in the previous year, three different branches of the competition, including the evaluation of activity data and online voting, were held in connection with the application of the candidates. Applications were filed according to categories and submitted to the jury members for review. The awards are presented at the International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair, 19 November 2015 at 11.00 on Thursday. Hol was found at a ceremony held in the Forum Area.

The nomination and voting process of the competition was done by Internet users in the online category of Medlog Logistics Railway Manager and DTD Secretary General Ömer Faruk Bacanlı was selected as the Railway Logistics Manager of the Year.

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