Last 3 Meters Left on the 400rd Bridge

  1. Last 400 Meters Remained on the Bridge: In the 3rd Bridge, which is part of the Northern Marmara Motorway, 59 of the 41 decks were completed.
  2. Steel deck construction continues in the Bridge Project. 59 of 41 steel decks were assembled and welded, 415 meters left to the two sides to join.

In the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, launched by ICA, 170 meters of progress was achieved this month in steel deck assembly operations. Assembly and welding of 923 of 59 steel decks, the heaviest of which is 41 tons, has ended. With the assembly of 41 steel decks, 415 meters are left to unite the two sides.

  1. Köprü Steel Deck Officer stated that a steel deck was placed on both sides in an average of 9 days. “In the steel deck assembly processes that started at the end of March, almost the last 400 meters were entered. Every month, at least 3 steel deck assembly and welding processes have been completed on both sides. Continuing the transition segment D00 on the European and Asian sides, 20 steel plates were placed in Europe and 19 in Asia. With the replacement of the last steel deck, the distance between the two continents fell to 415 meters. " said.

In the steel deck installation process, previously, the steel decks were first taken to the ground and then to the bridge level by cranes. After the abolition of the corresponding decks on the land, it became an operation where we lifted the steel deck directly from the sea with cranes.

For the construction of 59 steel decks, 1500 people work day and night at a total of three factory sites. Steel sheet from South Korea is made ready for panel production in the factory in Izmit Gebze, and then the panel production is started at the factory in Tuzla, Istanbul. After the production of the panels, they are shipped to Yalova Altınova to form steel decks.

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