The End 3 Decks to Join the 17rd Bridge

The Osmangazi Bridge
The Osmangazi Bridge

Bridge to the last 17 board: Europe and the Anatolian side of the third time that will connect the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge to unite the two sides of the board 17 remained.

The works of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is the largest suspension bridge in the world and which will ease the traffic in Istanbul, continue uninterruptedly. While the last bridge of 3 was joined to the merger of the 17 bridge, the reinforced concrete production in both towers was completed. 20 units of 20 units, including 40 units of 2 units and 42 pieces of transition segment, together with 17 pieces of steel table have been placed on the European side. The welded joints in the recently placed segments continue, while the remaining XNUMX pieces are still under construction.

The construction of the thousand 408 meters of the main span of the main openings of one thousand 17 meters, which will connect both sides, was completed and the remaining distance from 391 meters. Mounting of curved hanger cables to which the tables are connected, the installation of the cable rings in the ongoing bridge construction site is also in progress.

On the European Side, the 80 units on the Asian side are equipped with 80 units, while the assembly and tensioning operations of the 160 units are completed on the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. 16 of the reinforced concrete productions is completed on the ongoing bridge assembly of the tower top connection beam panel.

Installation of the crane on the catwalk will continue to be used to remove steel deck segments in the hanging area.

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