3. Bridge in action

  1. In the bridge, they wrote a brigade bridge: North Forest Defense, 3. Demanding work on the bridge and the Northern Marmara Highway Project, the action was done in Sarıyer Garipçe Village. Activists set off at the exit of the bridge, 'Killer Bridge'

50 person, 3, member of the North Forest Defense. came to Garipçe Village where the works for the bridge and connection roads continue. One group gathered at the entrance of the bridge construction site and another on the road where the works continued. Here, the group said 'Killer Bridge' with plastic paint, 'to resist the northern forests' banner began to walk. The third group collected from the overpass is the 'Kibrin Monument 3. Bridge 'open a banner,. 3. The bridge is murder destek, ”Bridge in vain we'll destroy you yık slogans and gave support to friends.


In order to make a press release, the private security officers blocked the activists who wanted to get together at the building entrance. Short-lived after the brawl, activists, across the road came to the entrance to the construction site. Here we read the press release on behalf of the group Ercan Sıkdokur.

In the statement, 3. . 3. They said they will do the world's largest airport right after the bridge project is started. 2 in the northern forests. they entered the massacre wave. The animals were out of place, the forest peasants were unemployed, and the hills were scattered over the lakes. The quarrel continues. No world of belief, no ideology, no justice system can confirm or endorse such a massacre for any reason whatsoever. Hiçbir

The actions will continue, stating, ğ You cannot cover the crimes you have committed here. Get your bullfighting machines, traps that sell their humanity for three cents and leave the Northern Forests immediately. I

After the announcement, the protesters threw the slogan.

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