Between Arifiye and Pamukova 2. Line Railway Project Postponement deadline postponed again

TCDD Between Arifiye - Pamukova 2. Line Railway Project The deadline for submission of bids is postponed to 13 January 2016

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) said, Demir Arifiye (131 + 900) - Pamukova (km 167 + 500) II. new developments related to the tender of. line railway supply construction inşa were recorded.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information; The deadline for the deadline for the tender to be postponed to 23 December 2015 of 23 November 2015 earlier this year was postponed to 13 January 2016.
As it is known, in recent days, the Joint Venture of the Unitek İnşaat - Tur İnşaat, which applied to the Court on the decision of the GCC, won the court and the court decided to cancel the decision of the GCC, which is related to the removal of the joint venture of Unitek İnşaat - Tur İnşaat from the prequalification list.
At this stage, the JCC will review the work experience certificate of the joint venture. After the decision reaches TCDD, a reassessment will be made and it will be clear whether the joint venture will be short-listed.
Reference: Investments 1262 / 14 Interval 2015 (AP)

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