Will Yozgat dream of a ropeway

Yozgat's ropeway dream will happen: Yozgat Municipality, the news of the cable car to the readers of the news Yozgat Çamlık'in news of the citizens found a great resonance.

Yozgat to realize the dream of the cable car Yozgat Municipality ORAN cooperation in the preparation of the project with the readers 'Yozgat's dream of the cable car will take place' announced the news of our newspaper social media and the public to find a great resonance in the public opinion revealed the sensitivity of the cable car. In the event that the ropeway project is realized, President Erdoğan's promise will be fulfilled and Yozgat will become the center of attraction. For this purpose, especially in all of our deputies, especially Bekir Bozdag falls.

'Yozgat's dream of the ropeway will take place' with the cooperation of Yozgat Municipality-ORAN project to take action on the cable car echoed in the echo of the news continues. In Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's prime minister's office in 2009, during the Yozgat rally, the people of the Yozgat Municipality, which took action to realize the promise of the ropeway given to the citizens, call for public support.


The excitement started after the public. Citizens speaking on the subject, 'We care about the cable car project for Yozgat. Yozgat deserves this project. Mr. Erdoğan has also mentioned this issue. Mr. Bozdag, especially the proxies want to stop with this issue, 'he said.


Yozgat Municipality will prepare the project with ORAN Yozgat deputies are expected to support. In addition to ORAN, if the Ministry supports the project for the project, it can be ensured that the ropeway project is completed with speed. Thus, Turkey's national parks can offer a great contribution to the province in view of the increased summerhouse charm. The project is expected to contribute significantly to Bekir Bozdağ.


Mayor Kazım Arslan made a statement about the project and said, 'We want to make Yozgat an attractive city. If we can get the cable car project to Yozgat, Yozgat will have a charm. We think of the project as a 2 stage. The cable car, which will be established between Merkez-Çamlık and Merkez-Nohutlu again, has an investment cost of 1.5 million TL per km. We started negotiations with ORAN. In the case of the project, the percentage of 25 will be met by the municipality. Expect the support of everyone on this issue, "he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:30

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