Vatan Şaşmaz, Metrobus makes my life easier

Vatan Şaşmaz, Metrobus makes my life easier: Yasin Adalı entered the world house in September with her mother, Vatan Şaşmaz, who said that she used metrobus when she was in a hurry.

The famous presenter, who played a role in the public spot prepared by IETT 3.5 years ago for the introduction of the metrobus, said, “In cases of urgency, I give my car to my wife and get on the metrobus. "My wife gets to her destination in 2.5 hours by car, while I get to her destination in 25 minutes by metrobus."

Şaşmaz stated that the criticism about the public spot on the sketches was still coming and he was having a frustration.

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