United Wagons to produce Tank Wagons for Metafrax Chemical Company

📩 07/12/2018 17:29

United Wagons to Manufacture Tank Wagons for Metafrax Chemical Company: A new agreement has been signed between United Wagons and Metafrax, which produces chemical products. According to the agreement, United Wagon company will produce tank wagons for Metafrax to be used in the transportation of 105 methanol. Production is planned to start towards the end of this year. It was reported that the wagons produced will be delivered in 2016.

United Wagons company in the description of the design of the wagons will be produced with Metafrax company reported. The axle load of the wagons will be 25 and service times will be up to 32 years.

By the 2020, the United Wagon is convinced that the life of 15000 units of Russian tank wagons will end. In order to better respond to the needs of the company, 15 is planning to design a separate tank wagon. In addition, Metafrax company is also preparing to deal with tank wagons to carry formaldehyde.

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