Ümitköy metro transfer area sheltered station

A sheltered stop in the Ümitköy metro transfer area: The EGO General Directorate, which meets a large part of the capital's public transportation with a bus and metro network, adds new works every day to carry out the transportation of the capital cities effectively, efficiently, quickly and comfortably. Covered by the Metropolitan Municipality of Ümitköy metro transfer area, the 700 square meter closed stop protects the passengers from the sun in summer and in the winter.

EGO General Directorate, which provides transportation of approximately 1 million 250 thousands of people per day by public transportation, puts modern and sheltered stops into service in order not to be affected by adverse weather conditions.
Necmettin Tahiroğlu General Manager, reducing the density of traffic in the central arteries to provide faster and more comfortable transportation to citizens to implement the implementations said one by one. In this context, Kizilay-Cayyolu rail system line, 15 different bus line has been integrated with the General Manager Tahiroğlu, the transfer zone Ümitköy Metro Station in the area, the passengers, summer, sun, cover to protect from the rain in the winter, said that they've turned off.

Tahiroğlu stated that the 40 thousand passengers, who used to use the ring buses from different regions such as Etimesgut, Elvankent, Sincan, Yenikent, Fatih and Cimşit, used all day long as the transfer area for Ümitköy Metro Station.

Şekil We built 12 thousand in peak hours in the morning and around 40 a thousand passengers in the day, and we built the citizens to protect them from the rain and snow in the winter and from the sun in the summer. At the 700 square meter stop, there are 6 digital display signs showing the arrival times of the buses. Thus, citizens are also informed about this issue and they are prevented from waiting unnecessarily. There are also seating benches to be used by passengers coming from the metro station at the transfer stop. Ak

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