Turkey Logistics Master Plan tender on the road

Turkey Logistics Master Plan Tender way: to increase the competitiveness of Turkish logistics sector and planned preparation to achieve the export target of 2023 Turkey will be tendered by the end of the year for the Logistics Master Plan, to plan, to be commissioned in 2018 prepared.

Will be tendered by the end of the year for the canceled Turkey ended gelindi.türki Logistics Master Plan Preparation consultancy services business in the new tendering procedures for the preparation of the Logistics Master Plan for not offer enough but was contracted in July. 3 year to prepare the process of preparing the master plan in 2016 year, the 2018 is expected to be fully operational in the beginning of the plan. Turkish logistics sector and to increase the competitiveness of Turkey Logistics Master Plan planned for the preparation of 2023 years to achieve the export target was tendered in July, but the tender was canceled because not enough offer. Office work was resumed for the Master Plan planned to be auctioned by the end of the year. 10. Development Plan prepared within the framework to be implemented in Turkey will be prepared to create the infrastructure of logistics Logistics Master Plan legislation, domestic logistics park, the definition of center and base to do. The installation and operation principles of these places will be determined and classifications will be made. In addition, the standards of the work to be done within the master plan will be determined.

Plan 3 will last for years

3-year-long process of preparation of the master plan began to take shape in 2016, to be completed in 2017, it is expected to be commissioned at the beginning of 2018. Preparation of the logistics planned legislation in the same year with the introduction of the master plan. The Ministry of Environment, Urbanism, Energy, Economy and Customs and Trade will also contribute to the master plan to which the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication will be responsible.

400 thousand people employed as geographical location between the neighboring countries in Turkey transportation center or undertake the task of connection; land, air, sea and railway transportation is done. Turkey's 3 thousand companies in which it operates both nationally and internationally transportation and logistics sector provides employment to 400 thousand people. Turkey is continuing its growth trend in the sector due to the growing volume of foreign trade, with the contribution of public and private sector to invest in the transport and logistics infrastructure, not only domestically feel the weight in the international arena. The transport and logistics sector is expected to increase its competitive advantage with the plan to be prepared.

60 billion investment target

Officials say the logistics sector needs specific regulations that respond to needs beyond what exists in national and international legislation. Looking at the 2023 targets, ap logistic infrastructure d is becoming stronger. On the other hand, it is stated that the contribution of 2023 foreign trade targets to logistics sector will be great. With the planned logistics centers and the improved logistic infrastructure, the sector's target investment in 2023 will exceed 60 billion liras. In the 2023 logistics center it is expected to be in the region of Turkey.

What does the Logistics Master Plan do to the industry? kazanwill he cry?

• Investments in logistics sector will be planned.
• Integrity and standard future in investments.
• What kind of logistical advantages the region has and the long-term benefits will be clarified.
• Environmental awareness will come forward.
• All numerical data related to logistics will no longer be in doubt.
• Since logistics is an area that concerns many ministries and institutions, it takes time to make a joint decision. A master plan to be put forward will pave the way for these institutions to follow a common policy and accelerate the pace. kazanwill yell.

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