Transportation projects will be transported to a different league

📩 29/11/2018 19:53

Transportation projects Sivası will carry a different league: High speed train and highway projects that will connect the Mediterranean to the Black Sea created a different excitement in Sivas. Sivas people travel from country to country to attract foreign investors and explain the advantages of the city in the new period.

A significant part of the recent industrial investments in Sivas are focused on innovative products. The number of entrepreneurs is growing rapidly in the city where there are more than 200 enterprises, from healthcare to cosmetics, from chemistry to textile. On the other hand, transportation projects for Sivas, which have been realized recently and whose value is over 1 billion dollars, are preparing to move the city to a different league. Highway and high-speed train projects that will connect the Mediterranean to the Black Sea via Sivas provide a different excitement and confidence. On the other hand, Sivas people have already started to market the city without waiting for the completion of these projects. Many organizations, from business organizations to public institutions, travel from country to country to attract foreign investors to Sivas and explain the advantages of the city. Sivas people, who recently made landings in Europe with more than 200 businessmen, managed to attract new projects and investors to Sivas during this visit.

The city center population, which is currently 330 thousand, will be increased to 2023 thousand people in 500. The aim is to stop migration and start reverse migration. Increasing its exports to 1 billion is among the primary targets of the city. However, the projects that really excite Sivas are involved in transportation. The first phase of the Black Sea-Mediterranean Road Project, which is planned to be built during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II and will connect the Black Sea to Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean, will be opened by the end of the year. Transportation from Ordu to Sivas and from there to Kayseri will be very comfortable. In a sense, Sivas will also be tied to the sea. Another huge project is high speed train. Using this as a trump card to attract investors to the city, Sivas people are trying to attract foreign capital to the city with these projects. The Ankara-Sivas railway, which is 602 kilometers long, will be reduced by 141 kilometers and will go down to 461 kilometers over Yozgat with the implementation of the project whose route continues. The travel time will be 12 hours 2 minutes from 51 hours by rail and 21 hours 5 minutes from Istanbul to Sivas, which is 49 hours.

Sivas Cumhuriyet University continues its breakthroughs. The number of students studying at the university, which has become a center of attraction in the educational area of ​​the region, is close to a thousand. New faculties, new vocational colleges and new institutions continue to be opened.

Sivas people are also assertive about the meatballs, where competition between the provinces is breaking down. In order to make Sivas meatballs of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry become a world-famous brand, he applied to the Turkish Patent Institute to protect his rights. The most important feature that distinguishes meatballs from others is meat. While preparing Sivas patties, no additives other than salt are used.

Another important project that has been on the agenda of Sivası recently is that the freight wagons of the “National Train” will be produced in Sivas. Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) "developed by the National Railway Project" of the national freight cars will be produced in the last quarter of 2016, aims to be the rails. Turkey outside of the produced cars to be exported to different countries are among the plans.

Logistics and industry in an important position in Turkey with its modern infrastructure in the manufacture and export of Sivas Organized Industrial Zone, the number of firms is increasing with each passing day. The rapid growth of the machinery sector in the region is remarkable. However, the presence of companies that have signed value-added production in dozens of fields, from healthcare, electronics, chemistry to food, makes Sivas smile. On the other hand, land allocations are continuing in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone, where the construction works in Sivas continue, the railway line will pass through each of its parcels and the factories that will produce for the railway sector will be predominant.

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