Operators will be responsible for railway security

Operators will also be responsible for railway security: operators will be responsible for the implementation of regulations on the safety of railways by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

The ğ Railway Safety Regulation in of the Ministry was published in the current issue of the Official Gazette and entered into force. With the regulation, responsibilities related to the provision, improvement, monitoring and control of safety in rail transport were determined.

Accordingly, the Ministry will make all kinds of sub-arrangements for safe infrastructure management and transport activities in the railway sector. Operators will be obliged to give priority to the prevention of serious accidents and to ensure the maintenance and improvement of safety on the railway.

  • Safety management system to be established

Operators will ensure the safe operation of the railway system and keep risks at an acceptable level. To implement risk control measures in accordance with national safety rules and standards, operators will establish a safety management system in cooperation with each other.

The safety management system will include operational risk management by identifying, eliminating or minimizing the hazards and risk factors that may arise or may arise.

Operators will ensure that all services, maintenance, vehicles, equipment and materials from service providers are in compliance with the requirements and terms of use.

  • Non-tourist rail scope

Railway train operators will include railway infrastructure operators and urban rail transport operators.

The provisions of the By-Law will not apply to freight transport in the railway infrastructure of private property that is not connected to the national railway infrastructure network and to railway infrastructure and railway train operators used for historical or touristic purposes.

  • KAIK to examine serious accidents

City rail transport operators operating with TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. will receive the necessary safety authorization and safety certificates within 3 year at the latest. During this period, TCDD, TCDD Transportation Inc. and urban rail transport operators will continue their operations.

Investigations for railway accidents and incidents, which are in the definition of serious accidents, will be made by the Board of Accident Investigation and Review (KAIK). If necessary, the Ministry will be able to examine serious accidents separately from the KAIK.

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