Towards the end of the Eurasia Highway Tube Crossing Project

Towards the end of the Eurasia Road Tube Crossing Project: The Eurasia Road Tube Crossing Project, which connects the Asian and European sides, has come to an end.

The Eurasia Road Tube Crossing Project, which connects the Asian and European sides, has come to an end. Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir attended the information meeting on road expansion works between Yenikapı and Yedikule. Site manager Necil Engür gave information about tunnel construction to Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, who visited the tunnel opened by the giant mole. Stating that even the construction of the Eurasia Highway Crossing Tunnel, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan evaluated as a 'vision project', has a very impressive and magnificent appearance, President Demir said, “It is a pride for my country and my nation that the projects that were thought by the Ottoman but could not be implemented in this period I consider it as a source, ”he said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's 'Vision Project', the road link between Europe and Asia linking the road tunnel is completed by Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe 15 in minutes to pass. 900 85 workers work day and night, the Eurasian highway tunnel is completed 2 percent. In the tunnel made of 2 and XNUMX two-storey and a large part of the tunnel interior production process was completed.

Drilling process with TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) giant machine, which is known as 'mole' and designed exclusively for this project, has been completed. The tunnel boring process was completed with a 300 meter long and 120 meter diameter mole used in the tunnel digging process, in which 13.4 people worked, in a shorter time than predicted. The tunnel digging machine, one of the largest moles in the world, once again connected the two continents after Marmaray. After the drilling process was completed, the giant mole that was cut into pieces was brought to the surface in Çatladikapı location.

The Eurasia Crossing Project was selected as the 'Project of the Year' by the International Tunnel and Underground Structures Association. The Eurasia Transition Project was awarded the 'Project of the Year' award in the 'Big Projects' category of the ITA International Tunneling Awards organized in Switzerland by the International Tunneling and Underground Structures Association (ITA), which is considered to be the world's most important union in the field of tunneling. .

Asia and Europe will join the highway tunnel for the first time under the sea floor. The Eurasia Tunnel Project (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project) will connect the Asian and European sides with a road tunnel passing under the sea floor. The Eurasia Tunnel, which will serve in Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line where there is a high traffic in Istanbul, covers a distance of approximately 3.4 kilometers along with the connection roads including the deepest point of the 106 kilometer part below the sea. When the project is completed, the coastal road between Cankurtaran and Kazlıçeşme will be built on the 14.6 strip.

The road expansion and improvement works will be carried out on the total 9,2 kilometer route on the European and Asian sides, which consist of two-storey tunnel and connection tunnels constructed in a method other than the customary methods. Approaches between Sarayburnu-Kazlıçeşme and Harem-Göztepe will be expanded. The project, which is made by build-operate-transfer method, is expected to be opened at the end of 2016.

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