Clarification from TCDD for KPSS preferences

Explanation from TCDD for KPSS preferences: Candidates who will make KPSS preferences, this news concerns you closely. Candidates who want to prefer TCDD in their KPSS preferences, attention. A flash statement came from TCDD for KPSS preferences.

Candidates who are placed in our enterprise will not be able to make a request for transfer at the workplace where they will be appointed without performing 5 years.

A health committee report is requested from a full-fledged State Hospital in all appointments.

Also; Candidates who prefer technician and quilter positions must meet the health conditions specified in Health and Psychotechnical Directive of our Enterprise. The candidates who do not meet these requirements will not be appointed.

In the conditions of appointment to Engineer positions to be assigned to some workplaces; Occupational Safety Specialist certificate and Foreign Language knowledge level requirement. Candidates who make a preference should carefully examine the guide and examine the requirements.

Candidates who do not meet the stated requirements will not be assigned even if they have settled.

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