Last bend in the privatization of TCDD

TCDD in the privatization of the last corner: the AKP, Turkey's State Railways (TCDD) has rolled up its sleeves to complete the privatization. In 2013, the AKP prepared a regulation in 2015, based on the law that launched the privatization process of railways under the name of aya liberalization AKP. 2 The regulation published in the Official Gazette on 2015 May 11 determined the working procedures and principles of the private freight and passenger transportation companies operating in the national railway system and the suburban services carried out by TCDD in the metropolises such as Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir were opened to the private sector within the scope of the regulation. The AKP announced that the restructuring of TCDD will be completed, and that rail and road freight and passenger transportation will be opened to private railway companies.

Bright told Turkey Kamu-Sen connected to the Turkish Transportation-Sen Chairman Şerafeddin Sea, earnings, noting that the area that opened to the private sector, "the privatization of TCDD's unacceptable," he said. Stating that privatization is not possible to achieve success, Deniz said, mümkün All European countries have done so. But most of them had to step back. The countries we interviewed were extremely unhappy for such an organization. None of the expected benefits could be obtained. This liberalization law cannot provide the expected benefit. Customization cannot be achieved here. Neither state railways nor we do not know where this business will go Ne. Deniz continued: “Railways, Transportation Inc. was founded. Railways will be divided into two Transportation Inc. and TCDD. With this law, the privatization of the railways has been cleared. During this process, the workers on the railway will be gradually melted. They will either be sent to other institutions or they will be forced to retire. In other words, the hand of the state will be withdrawn from this area. Yani

Reminding that profitable areas will remain with the private sector, and unprofitable areas will be left to the state, Deniz said: “In the Medium Term Program announced by the AKP, it promises to privatize all railways. But it is not easy to customize TCDD. Where you can customize, you can customize a certain part of freight transportation, freight transportation in regions where ore deposits have high load carrying potential. Because the private sector kazanIf it will work, if it will make a profit, if it can generate something as an income, it will transport here. A kazanIf there is no one, he will not come and transport here. For example, you cannot privatize the Malatya-Tatvan, Kayseri-Adana line, because there the private sector kazanthere is nothing to stand on. Therefore, the places that do not work, the places where we cannot operate well, the railway transport in the places where there are no infrastructure investments and the geographical conditions are not suitable, that is, the units that completely lose will remain with the state. Money kazanNow, the places that make a profit will be given to the private sector.”

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