TaiYuan Heavy Industry and SKF Visited Tüdemsaş (Photo Gallery)

📩 29/11/2018 19:57

TaiYuan Heavy Industry and SKF Visited Our Company: Xie Qing, Foreign Trade Director of TaiYuan Heavy Industry, the officials responsible for the crane production factory and factory modernization of the same company, and Benson Liu, the China Responsible for SFK Bearings, Axle Box Production Factory Project Manager, Alvise Zhang and SKF. - Ondreg Novotny Tüdemsaşı from Czech Republic visited Tüdemsaşı and examined the products produced on site.

The delegation, who visited the production lines, conducted inspections at the landfill sites, quality control laboratories and the Resource Education and Technologies Center.

Ems Tudemsas is a very modern and technical infrastructure. This visit we saw; Tudemsas has modernized all kinds of looms and facilities for the production of wagons and attaches great importance to R & D activities. Working with such a company will make us happy. Böyle

The visit program ended with an evaluation meeting where bilateral cooperation opportunities were discussed.

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