The gospel of the subway and İZBAN

Metro and İZBAN gospel to cyclists: Bicycle drivers in Izmir, today and at any time of the day without the additional cost of public transportation began to take advantage of the rail system.

In order to popularize the use of bicycles by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, it paved the way for cyclists to travel in Metro and İZBAN without paying any additional fee. In the new era, starting today, cyclists will only pay for their own rides and travel by “entering through the marked gates in the first and last wagons of the train series”.

In addition to the information letters and station and train markings related to the new application, necessary physical arrangements were made. Since carrying bicycles in escalators and elevators is not suitable for passenger and system security, bicycle transport channels to be added to fixed stairs to be used are Karşıyaka stations. The same arrangement will be installed in all stations as soon as possible. İzmir Metro Subway Üçyol and İZBAN's Ulukent stations, but only because of the escalator entrance can not be made with bicycles. Bicycle passengers will be able to use the other nearest stations.

With the application to be implemented, only the marked doors, according to the suitability of the passenger density and the maximum number of 2 bike bikes can be made. Within the framework of the rules determined, the passengers must stop at the doorway in the car and not to cross the corridors.

İzmir Metro and İZBAN officials stated that the expectations of the passengers from the bicycle are primarily to be taken into account in order to ensure the entrance, exits and travel safety of the other passengers and to benefit from this right.

According to the rules to be followed in this context, not to carry cargo by bicycles, to give priority to other passengers during the peak hours and to wait for the next train, the bikes are not oily and dirty to damage the other passengers and trains, to be free of sharp objects; cycling in stations, platforms or indoors.

In addition, children under the age of 16 will not be able to enter the system with their bikes without parents, and electric bicycles or motorcycles will not be able to take advantage of this right. In terms of safety, it is important not to use escalators and elevators to carry bicycles, but only the fixed stairs and the bicycle transport channels next to it.

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