Snow thickness at Xenon Ski Center

The snow thickness at Erciyes Ski Center reached 15 centimeters: Erciyes AŞ Deputy General Manager Yücel İkiler said that the snow thickness on Erciyes Mountain reached 10-15 centimeters with the falling snow and said, “We will try to open the rock season on 1 December”.

Yücel İkiler, Deputy General Manager of Erciyes AŞ, said that after the snow fell on Erciyes, the snow thickness reached 15 centimeters in some areas. İkiler said, “As of yesterday evening, the first snow of the season fell on 2 thousand 200 meters. Between the regions there was an estimated 10-15 centimeters of snowfall. About 25 days ago, the first snow fell on our Erciyes. This falling snow made us happy, but as far as we follow from the weather forecast, this snow will be melted by the end of the week as the weather starts to get warmer again as of Thursday. In the next period, after a second snowfall, we will have opened the ski season at Erciyes Ski Center ”.

İkiler also said, “As the air temperature drops to negative values, we can also make artificial snow on an area of ​​1 million 700 square meters. "We will try to open our ski season on December 1 by running all the artificial snow systems from Tuesday to the next week."