Sirkeci Railway Station 125 years old

Sirkeci Station is 125 years old: The foundation of Sirkecı Station, which opens Istanbul to Europe, was laid on February 11, 1888. The station, which has a magnificent architecture, was opened on November 3, 1890, 125 years ago. The architecture of Sirkeci Train Station built by German architect Jasmund during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamit II has the synthesis of east and west.

Sometimes Istanbul's door to Europe, where longing has come to an end and sometimes loved ones are farewell to tears. The last stop of the legendary Orient Express, the Eastern Express, is Sirkeci Train Station.

The construction of Sirkeci Station, the foundation of which was laid by the order of Sultan Abdülhamit Han, started on February 11, 1888. The construction of the station, which lasted about 3 years, was completed on November 3, 1890 and the station was opened with a big ceremony.

Built in the German architect and engineer August Jasmund, the location of Istanbul at a point where the east meets the west has also inspired its architectural structure. The building was designed to consist of a wide and high middle hall between the two towers, and waiting lounges and administrative spaces located to the right and left of it.


Sirkeci Station; It has been the beginning of Rumeli railways and the end point of railways from Europe since it was built. While Haydarpaşa Station, another of the two main stations of Istanbul, is the gateway to Eastern civilization, Sirkeci Railway Station has been the gateway to Europe for years.

Sirkeci Station, which is the place of separation and reunification, which is the subject of poetry for books, continued until 2004. Today, memories of different periods of Istanbul and items belonging to the history of Sirkeci Station are kept alive at the Istanbul Railway Museum in Sirkeci Station.

The first electric commuter train, which started the expedition in 1955, and the commodities belonging to the conductors, are also exhibited in the museum. The items belonging to the famous Orient Express and used during the expedition also meet the visitors here.

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