CAF Trains Coming to Santiago City Metro

CAF Trains Coming to Satiago City Metro, the Capital of Chile: According to the statement made by the Spanish CAF company on October 3, the first train was produced for the Santiago city metro, the capital of Chile. Chile's Transport and Communications Minister Andres Gomes-Lobo and Santiago Metro President Rodrigo Azacarda visited the production site to examine the new metro trains more closely. Trains for the capital Santiago metro are produced at CAF's Beasain factory.

The agreement for the production of the Santiago subway trains in Chile's capital city was signed in 2013 with the CAF. According to the agreement made CAF, the city 3. And 6. In total, 185 will produce wagons for use in Metro lines. A feature of the produced trains is that they can serve without a backpack. At the same time, CAF will make 20 annual maintenance of trains.

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