Mandarin grenades at Sentepe Telefeği

Şentepe Telefeği'da mandarin grenades: under the cable car line in Şentepe Bilir Apartment residents, bottles and some objects were dropped down from the cabins and the ventilation glass of the building, a bag full of mandarins dropped down the cabin claimed to be broken. Hürriyet reporters boarded the ropeway and saw that cabin doors without security measures were opened with slight force.

Bilir Apartment located in the Ergenekon neighborhood of Şentepe recently experienced an interesting event. According to the inhabitants of the apartment, a bag full of mandarins thrown from the cable car broke the ventilation window of the building. Previously left behind the cable car with glass and pet bottles and some objects around the top of the building suggesting that the citizens wanted to solve the problem.


Selley Tunç, one of the residents of the apartment, stated that they had forwarded the issue to the Blue Table, but no measures had been taken:
Uz We think this is what young people do. Previously, many different objects were cast from the glass bottle to the railing iron in the ropeway. Lastly, the glass in the air space of the apartment was broken with a bomb-like sound due to a full-blown bag of mandarin. A child or someone else could have had painful consequences such as injury or death. We called the Blue Table on this situation, 'We do not look at them' they said. There is no such thing as private life. We can't even open our curtains in our house, security is zero. There are no locks on the doors, and the young people throw the bottle at their disposal to have fun. We want to take measures as soon as possible. An


Residents of the apartment Burcu Coşkun said this was due to the fact that the cable car was free of charge. Coşkun said, C They said a bottle had been thrown into the building. Our glass is broken. We are happy to use it, but it's free because it's free. Young people who are idle, ride and do these movements,, he said. A local resident who complained about the situation said: “We went to the authorities and told the situation many times. They said similar complaints came to us by camera system said. However, the same events still continue. Ancak


Ankara Hurriyet reporters traveled to Yenimahalle from Şentepe station to investigate the accuracy of the allegations. It was observed that the gates of the ropeway, which should not be opened when moving in the air, were interrupted by a slight intervention. Passengers in the ropeway had witnessed similar incidents, and a passenger said: a It is normal to have such behavior. Because there are no security measures on the doors. The camera system also interferes with negative behavior. Measures must be taken for the doors. Için
On the other hand, there were no security guards at the ropeway stations.

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